Sach Travel, Most beautiful Off Beat Destination of India

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Sach the Most Beautiful off beat Destination in India

Sach Travel, Most beautiful Off Beat Destination of India sach pass images,

Sach Pass the fullness of Nature Beauty: Who doesn't like Snow. Everyone like to see Snow falls. Specially the people of plan in areas are very interested to snow falls. Mostly the snow falls seen in the winter season, but some of High altitude areas of our country you can seen the sheet of snow all the time in years. You can enjoy snow falls here all the time in even summer season. So today I am going to tell you one of the most beautiful and adventurous place Sach.
Sach Pass is very famous for its bountifulness and Adventurous place for tourists.

Sach Pass is more Beautiful than Rohtang Pass. You can see 10 to 15 feet thick sheet of snow here in theJune July month also. Even in the month of Jun and July the temperature of her is below than 0° degree Celsius. Passing from Shanch Pass you can reach Pangi Valley and. Can enjoy it's beauty.

Adventure at every turn

Sach Pass connect to the Church and Pangi Upmandal of Himachal Pradesh India. Sach Pass is located on 14500 feet in the Hills. This journey is very adventurous. You can see a new adventure at every turns. You can enjoy trekking and many lakes and many more Beautiful views during you travel.


Open for five month in a year

Public Works Department has the responsibility to open and maintain the Sach pass. As soon as the summer season arrives. The machine is also set up by the Public Works Department to open Sachs Pass. The Sach pass is open for tourists to open in June And again in October it is closed. Meanwhile, there are plenty of tourists' tourism, and when the country is experiencing a lot of heat, the Sach pass can be enjoyed by snow falls.


 Sach Travel, Most beautiful Off Beat Destination of India

How to reach

If you are out of Himachal Pradesh and want to reach Sach pass, then first you will have to reach Pathankot. Afterwards Dunera or from Noorpur, will have to inter in Chamba Borders. Afterwards via Dalhousie you will reach Teesha Headquarters. Afterward The Sach pass Will start. Sach pass is 175 km far from Dalhousie. Apart from this you reach here via Chamba route. Sach pass is 127 km far from Chamba headquarters. You can take buses, taxi or you can use you own vehicle.

Difficulty of eating food and Hotels

Sach pass is not well developed for close tourism. For this reason, there is not much management of living and eating foods if you are going to Sach, if you have food to eat with you then you go or you will be able to stay back to Barragarh again or  Pangi headquarters Kilad.


The food arrangement is not ahead of Satrundi. Most of the tourists who visit the Sach Pass also stop in Dalhousie, along with good hotels in Dalhousie, there is a resting house in Baragarh to stay in the restroom beach, there is also a hotel or a rest house in Pangi.

Sach Travel, Most beautiful Off Beat Destination of India

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