SEO vs Paid Traffic |Difference between SEO and paid traffic

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Difference between SEO and paid traffic

SEO vs Paid Traffic |Difference between SEO and paid traffic

Good morning I got from somebody was well it's kind of funny first off because they had asked a question about SEO, you know how to do it or when they should do it. I replied back with what do you know SEO or paid traffic and the funny thing was they reply back. They said what's the Difference between SEO and paid traffic.

What is the SEO  and the paid traffic


So before I get into which one you should do. I should tell you what they are. If you don't know already. If you already know this well. That's fine so SEO is basically when you go in and you put a title of your product and then you're gonna put a description of your product. And of course you know you're gonna try to optimize your landing page with their title on it. And your keywords and all that good stuff but basically you know it.


So that when somebody searches on Google they'll be able to find your product because if you don't have any SEO done like you don't have a title for it, You have description Google can't bring back anything to show the people because you haven't put it in on your product.


So that's SEO what's paid traffic is basically? What it says you spend some money and you drive traffic to a particular page by putting a link in that particular page. So then if you're starting off and you're just beginning at doing this stuff.


SEO vs Paid Traffic |Difference between SEO and paid traffic

SEO vs Paid Traffic |Difference between SEO and paid traffic

The question is which one do you do SEO takes a longtime to really get it done right and then paid traffic you know you can get traffic right away so you know what do you do? It's really pretty simple you got to do both of them.


Now you don't have to do all of the SEO. You can do a short description and you can do a short title right and you can look it up.


It tells you exactly how many characters that should be, but you should use all the characters they allow in your title and description and never go over it, because if you go over it guess what happens? It never gets shown anyhow. So you're wasting your time on doing that so you want to get those two things done.


Now I would not recommend, you doing this on every single product on your site. If you're doing it on every single product on your site. So take you forever and you know SEO results take months or even years to really get up in the rankings. You know and if basically if you're not in the first or second page. When somebody searches for something they're never gonna see a page anyhow.

SEO vs Paid Traffic |Difference between SEO and paid traffic

SEO vs Paid Traffic |Difference between SEO and paid traffic


So when you're doing this you you want to do the basic title and you want to do the basic description and you just want to do it really on the products that you're promoting right now okay. So if you've got a hundred products on your site you can drive traffic to them and all that. But if you're not promoting a product there's really not a whole lot of point in doing the SEO on it.


Now you should have it done it should be done at some point but if you're you know running traffic. I would certainly run you know, do your SEO on the products. That you're running traffic to up front and you know there's all kinds of different schools of thought. Some people are gonna argue with me and say no you gotta do all your SEO first. But when you start now the odds of you coming up in any search results in the beginning are almost zero.


This is not gonna happen so if you spend months doing SEO you've got to go months without making any money so I would highly recommend that you run ads to those things okay.

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That's what you really need to do is get some ads running and have your basic SEO done on those products. So that's kind of the answer on that I had a lot of people also ask me. Well how do I find a good product you know. I think I can even find a good product to sell and I'm gonna drop a link in the description.

SEO vs Paid Traffic |Difference between SEO and paid traffic

On this and you can get my book on that I have a short books like 40 pages not hard. It's got some diagrams in there shows you, how to do it. it's basically the four simple steps to finding a profitable product to sell online. So you want to click on that link below this description. I hope that helps you out a little bit you got to do a little bit of both and you got a little description of what the SEO is and the paid traffic. So hope that helps and I'll talk to you guys soon, thank you.

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