Ten Features of Whatsapp, Which You Rarely Know About

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Ten Features of Whatsapp, Which You Rarely Know About

WhatsApp New Feature You Should Know: WhatsApp is one of the world's largest messaging app

today. WhatsApp has more than 2 billion users all over the world. You will also be one of them but you do not

know all the features of WhatsApp. Today we will tell you about the Ten features of Whatsapp,

which you rarely know about, let's start with-



Ten Features of Whatsapp, Which You Rarely Know About

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1.  Arrange the Messages Through Bold and Italic


Many times you have many messages where one part is bold or highlighted and sometimes the message is

written in italic, you can also do such messages. For this, type the message and then click it for a while. Now

you will get the option of cut, copy, share, bold and three dot. By clicking on three dot you can make the

message bold and italic according to your own.



2. Before You Send Video


Many people will know about this feature but if you do not know then tell you that you can edit videos and

photos only in Whatsap before sending it to someone. At the top of the photo, you get the right and edit

option, from which you can write something on the photo and also add emoji.


Ten Features of Whatsapp, Which You Rarely Know About

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3- Send Message To Yourself


You can also use whatsapp as a notebook. For this, you have to send a message to yourself. For this, you

create a Whatsapp group with a friend and then remove that friend from the group. In this way, only you will

be saved in the group and will be able to message yourself.



4- Backup on Chat Email


Many times we want to keep chaiting from a particular person to be saved. In this case, you can get help from

WhatsApp's Backup feature. To backup, go to Whatsapp settings and click chat and click Chat backup. Here

you will get the option to backup on e-mail.



5- Send a message to a lot of people at one go


Sometimes it happens that we have to send the same message to a lot of people together, so you can get help

from Whatsapp's broadcasts feature. To create a broadcast list, open the Whatsapp app and click on the right

and the three dot and click on New Broadcast and make a list. You can add the one you like to this list and

then when you need to, you can message everyone at once.


6- Send messages without typing in Whats App 


WhatsApp can be sent without typed messages. To use this trick, you have to get the help of Google Assistant

and Siri. Android users can send a message to Google Assistant and message anyone on Whatsapp via Apple

users Siri.

Ten Features of Whatsapp, Which You Rarely Know About

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7. Pin Chat Feature


Many times, we always want to keep someone's chat above the list, but nowadays we are engaged in so many

groups that Chat is lost somewhere and we have to search for the message. If you use the sent without typed

messages in this way, your favourite chats will always remain above the list. To do this, tap long on chat,

select the sign on the side of the pin, and select it.

8. Add chat shortcut


Some of our favourite on Whatsapp is that we constantly chat with others. In such a situation, it is better to

open WhatsApp than to have a chat directly from the Home screen. For this, you have to tap the chat long

enough, after which the 'Add chat shortcut' option will appear. Selecting this will bring your favorite chat

home to the screen, so that you do not have to open the WhatsApp and you can chat directly from there.

Ten Features of Whatsapp, Which You Rarely Know About

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9. Turn off Auto download

The whatsapp image is full of images in our phone's gallery. And when the memory is full, our phone slowly

becomes very slow. If you do not fill our gallery with WhatsApp Photos, go to Setting up the WhatsApp

option, select the option of Data and Storage usage. Turn off Auto download by going to Media auto-


10. Group video calling feature users


Whatsapp always launches innovative features while taking care of its users and just recently, the company

has made live for the Forwarded label feature and group video calling feature users, whose announcement is

made by Facebook's F8 Developer Conference Was done in. And likewise, using new features is making our

life easier. Do you know that the necessary chat over WhatsApp can be pinched and you can hide the message

of the blue tick of the message


Friends these are the some important and very useful features of WhatsApp that you can use. How

do you tell us about this post, you must tell us through comments and please Follow us for getting valuable

information for your daily use. Thank you.

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