The Nun Movie Box Office Collection, Review, Story, Hit or Flop, wiki

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The Nun Movie Box Office Collection, Review, Story, Hit or Flop, wiki

The Nun Box Office Collection Review, Story

The Nun Box Office Collection Day 1: Other than romantic and action films at the box office, horror

movies have made big opening these days. After the superb success of Rajkumar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor

starrer 'Stree', Hollywood 'The Nun' has made a strong opening now. On the first day, 'The Nun' box

office collection was Rs 8 crores. While 'Stree' had a business of 6.83 crore on the day of release


Movie: The Nun


Director - Corin Hardy


Producer: Peter Safran, James Wan


Actor - Damien Becher, Tisa Farmiga, Jonas Bloquet, Bonnie Aarons, Charlotte Hope, Ingrid Bisu, Jonny Coyene


Budget: $ 22 Millions


Collection: $55.5 Millions


Time - 1:36 hours

 The Nun Movie Box Office Collection, Review, Story, Hit or Flop, wiki

Review of the Movie The Nun

According to the Movie Critique Swarn, Hollywood horror film 'The Nun' got the best opening day on the

opening day. In India, 'The Nun', which is released on more than 16 screens of different languages, has

already raised Rs. 8 crores a day. Which is more than one crore rupees more than the first day of 'woman'

earnings. Let me tell you that four films of 'Kanjurring' series had made a turnover of $ 1.1 billion worldwide.

'The Nun' is the fifth movie of this series.

Story of the movie

The series of conjuring was highly appreciated by the audience, the first part of The Nun film. It is said that it

is the most scary part of the film till now. The story of the film begins with the 1952 Romaniya's Sant Carta. A

place where nuns live, this place is called Abi. The devil lives in a door of AB, on which it is written that there

is no rule of God. People live far from this door and believe that ghosts live here. But one day a nun enters

inside that door.

After going inside the nun door, the cross gets reversed and it dies. After which the other nun hangs to save

himself from the devil. His corpse gets a vegetable going through it and the story of the film grows. Two

religious teachers have been sent to investigate this case.


Both of them, Father Anthony Burke and Nun Sister Irina, meet that vegetable person. There events occur

with both of these They both try to overcome Abby. In the previous movie Annabel, this nun will be seen in

the middle of your pictures. The Nun-Conjuring 2 is a spin off and this is the fifth movie of this series.

 The Nun Movie Box Office Collection, Review, Story, Hit or Flop, wiki



In the Hollywood movie we have seen many times fight between devil and pastor. This is for the first time

that when a sister fights Abi to know the secret of the death of a nun partner. Tessa Farmiga playing the role

of the sister has done the best acting. There are many dreadful scenes in the film which will scare you in. This

movie is worth money for those who want to be real with horror.


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