Thomson 50-inch 4K UHD Smart TV Review, Specifications, Performance

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Thomson 50-inch 4K UHD Smart TV Review: Should It Buy?

Thomson 50-inch 4K UHD Smart TV Review

Thomson 50-inch 4K UHD: The price of Thomson's new TV model is quite aggressive. With the old years of the company's trust, the presence of a TV model in the budget makes it special. So Today i am going to share with you Thomson 50-inch 4K UHD Smart TV Review, Specifications, Performance.

Thomson recently launched two newer 4K and 55-inch 4K UHD Smart TV models, expanding its portfolio in India. Their prices have been kept at Rs. 33,999 and Rs. 39,999 respectively. We have used the 50-inch TV model for a long time and we are going to give you a review of this TV here.

At present, this brand's product range includes 24 to 50-inch TV models in smart and non-smart TV categories. The company has also given one year warranty with this TV.


Build quality and box content:

The Thomson UD9 124cm (50 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV was packaged in a colorful white color box. You can not call the box or packing too much premium. Here you have to take out the TV between the two thermocol with a lot of care. Here you will find two batteries, a wall mount kit, a table mount stand and a user manual with a remote inside the box.

You will surely feel the weight of this plastic body TV. This TV has a display panel of Samsung. The bejels in this TV were given, they could have been diluted a bit more. However the beggels still given do not affect its look.

The ports in this TV are given to the back side. There are some necessary buttons in the lower right of the TV, which include buttons for changing channels, volume buttons and power buttons. Wall mount is provided with it, in addition to keeping it in the table, users can hang it on the wall.

It is easy to handle because of not being overweight. Though the overlay look does not seem very effective in this TV, but you have to keep the attention of the price in the meantime.

Talk about the remote given with this TV, the remote is also made of plastic completely and its buttons are plastic. The size of buttons is quite large, making it easy to use and buttons are available for lots of functions. In the given photo you can see the remote buttons.

Although the biggest drawback is that this TV or remote can say that neither has support for voice command nor has QWERTY key board supported. In such a way, you have to use the keyboard in the TV interface while using the TV. And it is very difficult to navigate through a remote.

Ports and connectivity:

In Thomson's TV, the port has been given in two parts, just like the rest of the company's smart TV. Some ports are available at the bottom, then some ports are next to it.

There is an RF input, an AV in, three HDMI port, one component (YPbPr), two UDB ports for PenDrive, an SD-card port to use memory cards, a headphone jack and Ethernet-RJ45 support.

It also includes a picture freeze option as well as a feature to take screen shots. There is also a USB copy feature, which means that any file can also be copied to a TV.

Talking about connectivity, LAN connectivity has been supported in this TV due to the presence of Ethernet. In addition to web browsing, only one touch button will be available to customers here in the remote. Apart from this, there is support for Wifi 
802.11b / g / n.

Apart from these standard features, Mirakast support is also available, i.e. mobile mirroring can be done directly in TV. Also, these TVs are compatible with wireless mouse and keyboard.


Speaking of the sound mode in this TV, standard, user, music, movie and sport mode are given here. Surround is also present in this TV. Here are 20 watt box speakers for audio output and you can not get much better audio quality. Its quality is mid ranger. In this case you can use a second speaker using headphone jack.

Thomson 50-inch 4K UHD Smart TV Review

Picture Quality:

This Thomson TV has a 60Hz refresh rate, 16: 9 ratio and 
178 degree wide viewing angle with a 3840 x 2160 resolution Samsung grade LED panel. Its contrast ratio is 4000000: 1 (dynamic). During the review of this TV, we did not face any problem in 4K playback. Miracast support was also better.

Speaking of brightness, it was even better, that is, in terms of giving 4K resolution at this price, the company is much better than the rest of the market in the market. However, the problem is that it is about Dark Colors.

That is, the performance of TVs in brightness and contrast cases is very great, but sometimes you may get a little complaining about the panel when you see deep or dark colors. Because the colors do not look real.

You can get help by going into the settings but you will not be able to see the difference in quality. As far as the viewing angle is concerned, it is a lot better. You may find some colors changed from a particular type of angle but you can leave them in daily use.


First of all, talk about the specifications of this TV, here is the Mali-T720MP2 GPU with CA53 dual-core 1.4GHz processor, 8GB internal memory and 1GB RAM. This TV runs on Android version 5.1.1. First of all talk about the new 5.0 My Wall, then this is the company's new interface.

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