Tips to increase Mobile battery life

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How much charge mobile phones battery?

Today market is digital market and approximately 70% people use mobile phone. Due to large number of customer, they have some issue about their mobile phone like  battery charging, mobile hanging, mobile get warm, slow work etc.


So friend today we will discuss How much charge a mobile Battery.


Apart from this, lots of companies using big battery and fast charging techniques in their smart mobile phone, however customer facing problem and complaining for battery charge.


If you are not trying to secure charging of mobile phone, then its directly affect on your mobile battery.


What to do for increasing battery life?

  • Some people don’t charge their mobile phone, till the end of the battery, but this is not right, this may also affect on your mobile battery. So keep in mind and connect for the charging before down to 20%.


  • Do not charge your mobile battery fully 100%. It can also damage your mobile battery life. Due excess of voltage can damage your battery performance. So if you want to better performance then keep your mobile battery charge between 40%- 80%.

  • Keep in mind, whether charging your mobile phone, the place must not be hot. It can also harm your mobile battery. According to a survey, the mobile phone loss their efficiency about 6% at the temperature of 32 Degree Celsius. Apart from this if the hotness is more then, this can be more. So try to charge mobile phone in a normal temperature.


  • Do not charge battery again and again this can also harm your mobile battery and reduce the performance. There is a  cycle in any battery or object for example it maybe 700 cycle 1000 cycle.


  • So when you pin to charge your battery and after that remove it, then one cycle is completed. So we can say cycle is a life line of the battery, it also reduce the battery performance due to charging again and again.


  • So keep in mind, do not charge your mobile phone whether your battery is below than 20% or red point.


  • Some people says that you must fully discharge your mobile battery in a week for getting good health of the battery life, but this is wrong.


  • Lithium ion Battery loss their performance when you fully discharge your battery. So make sure do not fully discharge your battery.


  • Restart your mobile phone in a week or I a month. This will also increase your mobile performance and battery life.


  •  Make sure use original charger for charging your mobile phone which is given in sales box during the purchase of mobile.


  • There are lots of unbranded and cheap mobile chargers are available in the market. So after damaging of the charger, most people purchase these type of unbranded charger which harm their mobile phone. Because they don’t know how much power supply is giving that and causing to damage your mobile phone.


  • So if your mobile phone charger has been damaged, then purchase new charger of that company of the same mobile model charger.



So guys these are the tips to keep your mobile battery up to date and getting good performance. By following these step I’m sure your battery backup will improve. If you think this article is useful for you then please like us and share us. You can also follow us on Facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin and pinterest and also on youtube.

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