Top 10 tips to Rank higher in Google Search Engine

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Top 10 factors that Google is looking for in your site to rank you higher


Top 10 tips to Rank higher in Google Search Engine

Welcome back, Today we'll be discussing some of the Top 10 tips to Rank higher in Google Search Engine. These come from the highly respectable SEO professional. Let's take a look at some of the recommendations.



1: Remove anything that slows down your site.


A slow site is brutal for the user experience and sends negative ranking signals to Google. Our team likes to utilise tools like GT metrix to identify issues and troubleshoot them but you can also use tools built right into your browser such as Google's own performance grading that's built right into the chrome web browser.


You can find this just by right-clicking and going inspect element. You may not be able to solve all of the issues that these tests bring up, but you can try and solve some of the glaring ones like overly large images or solving broken file links that the browser wastes a lot of time trying to load, instead of the things that are workin gon your site.



2: Link to other websites with relevant content


Linking out to authoritative websites is like citing an academic journal in your essays; it proves that you've done your research both to the reader and to Google.





3: Reach out to authoritative sites for a link


Already have a piece of awesome content? Reach out to an authoritative site and ask them to read it. If they like what they read they might give a link to your site and increase your overall authority of the page.

A singlelink from a highly reputable site like The New York Times for instance can greatly increase your site's authority and trust overnight.


4: Rewrite for humans not search engines


Google exists to please its searchers so if your content sounds like it's written by an SEO robot take a look into rewriting it and you might see an increase in its ranking and thus traffic.

Google's smarter than you think and it will penalize sites that just write for robots and not for its human users.




5: Write unique meta descriptions for all pages and posts


Meta descriptions are your last chance to entice a searcher to click on your content. Skyrocket your click-through rate by creating a concise description that reflects your pages content. Meta descriptions don't directly affect your SEO per se but think of them as more of a call to action for searchers that will get them to click to your site thus increasing your overall site traffic which in turn increases your SEO ranking.


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6: Optimize your URL structure


You don't want to over optimize your URLs by stuffing keywords into them but if your current URL is simply /article/article-1 you could be missing out on some valuable ranking position just by changing it to something more relevant to your post such as,'/news/latest-fashion-trends-of-summer-2019'.


Top 10 tips to Rank higher in Google Search Engine

7: Leverage Google analytics and search console


We are big on taking the data-driven approach to any of our marketing. Without analytics in search console in place the opportunity to optimize your content to the fullest extent is severely limited but having those tools connected also spoon feeds Google with the necessary stats to rank your site better.




8: Social shares for your best content


Asking for social shares is entirely free. You've already produced the content why not get it in front of as many eyeballs as possible? 2019 studies show that social signals are becoming one of the top factors in driving traffic to your site and in turn ranking you higher in search results.


9: Optimize image file names and alt text using relevant keywords


Google crawls all the data on a given page when determining what the content is about. This includes images. Be sure to title the filenames optimally as well as include keywords in all image alt text.


Top 10 tips to Rank higher in Google Search Engine

10: Write new unique pieces of content


When you're done watching our tips of the day get out there and draft a new piece of content, that drives more traffic to your site ultimately increasing your leads.



Use tools like Google Trends to find some topics that are trending in your industry that have the potential of driving new readers to your site. But also try not to plagiarize. Google may down rank you if it thinks you're copying another sites content that has a higher authority.



So if you're using content from another site may be sure to source it and have a link back to them so that Google sees you've cited your content and you're not plagiarizing. What other strategies have led you to success? Get in touch with us or leave us comment below.


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Today we covered the need to speed up your website, linking to relevant sites, writing for humans not robots, getting authoritative links, adding Google Analytics and search console, crafting unique meta descriptions, optimizing your URL structure, optimizing your filenames, continuing to social share, and writing unique content. If you like what you've read here do a share and subscribe to our site for the new updates.

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