Top 5 Action Adventure Movies Must See

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Top 5 Action Adventure Movies Must See

Top 5 action adventure movies must see: Hey Guys if you are interested to see action and

adventure movie then Today, I will tell you Top 5 action adventure movies that you never

miss out. So Read the full article and know, who are the movies that you want see or you have

already seen that but again and again want to see that.

So Let’s Start

1.Lord of the Ring

Lord of the Ring is a action Drama Fantasy and adventure movie, which is based on a Rings

that have more negative powers. The film is directed by Peter action and the story is based on

the novel Lord of the Rings. Lord of the Rings has 3 Part and all the part of this movie are very

interesting. The story began with young Hobbit who found a Ring that belongs to Dark Lord

Sauron and the Ring has the Power to control everything and make him more powerful.

2. Troy

Troy is another action war film which is directed by Wolfgang Petersen. The Story of this

movie is a Prince is fallen in love with kings wife and take her along with a big historical war.

Troy Can be a Great Epic War movie that you can see in this. If you have not seen this movie

then I think you should see. I am sure you will enjoy this movie.

3. Thor

Thor is a Super Hero movies which is based on Marvel Comics. The Story is Based on a king

The powerful, Shelfish God Thor, is solid out of imaginary place to measure amongst humans

in Midgard (Earth), wherever he presently becomes one in all their finest defenders. This

is one of the most successful movie in the world and has two part and also expected to come

more part of this movie. I hope you will like this.


4. Hobbits

Hobbit is another great action Drama adventure and Fantasy movie which has liked by

worldwide. This movie is also directed by Peter Jaction who already directed Lord of the

Ring Trilogy. This movie is also based on the novel Hobbits in which the character is Bilbo

Bagins which is a Hobbits and many dwarfs and protecting their mountaineer home and Gold

within that. There is lots of fantasy in this movie and adventure with action, you will love it.


5. Wrath of the Titans

Wrath of the Titans is fantasy movie with lots of action and Drama. In this movie Perseus is

a character who save his father from his cousin brother Ares and Uncle Hades. There are lots of

up and down in the Perseus life and how he evolve up from this situation you can see. The

movie is directed by Jonathan Liebesman and the Movie Wrath of the Titans is the next part

of Clash of The Titans. So if you have to full enjoy then see both part of this film.


So friends these are the Top 5 action adventure movies of Hollywood that I have

mention above. I hope you will like it and if you have any question please ask us by commenting

in the comment box.

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