Top 5 Apps for Yoga

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Hi friends today I am going to tell about Yoga and yoga apps. If you want to learn and want to do Yoga but you did not want to go outside or did want to hire any Yoga instructor and did not want to spend more on Yoga, but want to do yoga at home then, today I will tell you about some yoga apps which you can download from your android phones and easily get learned from the yoga apps about all types of yoga steps and which yoga to do for your better health and body.

So lets See


Now days people don't  have time for yoga because of their busy work seduele but if you realy want to do some yoga in you busy sedule the app is one of the best option. From this app you can learn Yoga from your home. this app is very easy to use. In this app you will see about 289 steps of yoga and information about breathing exercise steps and Aasana in HD Video. You can search all these Aasana by their skill level and fitness goal. the app is fully loaded by as for beginner to advance level of Aasnas or steps and you can download the video also. you can download the app from google play store for android user and for iphone download from appstore

2- Daily Yoga-

If you are want to do yoga but you don't have idea and instructor to do, then you can try Daily yoga apps for your yoga training. This app is specially designed for Yoga and Meditation, and loaded approximately 500 Yogasana steps with  detail instructions.

This app is useful for weight loss, body detoxification. In this app you will get yoga classes and program update, HD videos  on the monthly basis. you can choose the time according you from in 5 to 70 minutes session. For meditation you can get online coach.

you can download this app from

3- Yogastudio-

For yoga this app is also very helpful. in this app there are 65 unique yoga steps  for meditation with HD videos. You can choose your classes 10 to 60 minutes accordingly. you can customise your yoga classes as you want, and in this apps, the video are from starter to advance the help any one to begin their yoga classes.

4- 5 Minute Meditation

If you are facing problem to take some time for yoga or meditation, then this app is another best option for Meditation and Yoga. 5 minute meditation app is very useful and,  just 5 minute yoga are meditation daily and keep your body and mind healthy. This app is for those people who are just starting or thinking to do meditation and yoga, there are lots of image with detail instruction that help to do meditation or yoga as necessity.

5- Pocket Yoga-

Pocket yoga app is another best option for doing yoga at your home. just install the app and open it and keep in front of  you and start doing yoga. In this app approximately 27 sessions are available with voice and video instruction according to your choice you can select which yoga you have to do? About 200 steps are available with good looking features and instruction with their benefits you can also see the preview of yoga.


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