Top 5 Extra features of Androids phones to use

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Top 5 Extra features of Androids phones to use

Hi Guys, today we will discuss some important and interesting features of an Android smart phone which is most useful but some of them we don’t use or do not know about them and some time we install such types of app which already available in our Android smart phone.


Android phones are equipped with smart features, but there are few people who have access to all their features. In the Android phone, all of the uses of calling, massaging, cameras, internet etc., but there are some features that make your everyday tasks easier.


So let’s see the some advanced features of a Android smart phones.

1 . Control phone from your laptop

If want to control your phone from your laptop, you can do this and from the desktop you can see all the features and use that features from your desktop or laptops.


For doing this you have to install team viewer on both mobile and laptops. On desktop use team viewer version 10 and for android phone install team viewer quick supports.


After installing app on desktop and mobile phone make a user ID  for login and then you can use them and control them from laptop or desktop.

2. Search your Car

Your Android phone is so smart that it can find a car kept in the parking lot and you don’t have to download or install another app for this.


This features is already enable on google map. For this, you have to click the location on the map during the car park and set it on “Park My Car”. After that whenever you come the phone will tell you, your car location in the crowd.


3. Set Fault Location

Everyone's privacy is sweet but there are many apps and websites that track your data through phone. Includes location, in this case you can set fake location, it is also called a mock location. This option you can find in android phone  in developers option.


4. Use your phone as Remote


Today many phones are coming with infrared support, if your phone also has an infrared app then you can also use your phone as a remote.


This feature is called IR Blaster in the phone, with the help of this phone can control the TV, music player AC and other electronic devices including the phone itself.


Despite being IR blaster in many phones, it does not work directly with set top box. In this case, you can download and use the set-top box compatible app.

5. Zooming

By the way, there is an option to zoom the photo and website into the phone, but you want to zoom everything in it then there is solution for this in android phones.


From the phone's setting when you go inside the accessibility option, you will get the Magnification Gesture option here click them and on it.


Now you are on any screen in the phone or doing any work, just zoom in just doing three times taps on the phone.


This feature is more suitable for those people who are unable to see properly.


So friend these are the some interesting feature which is unknown by the most of the people and now they can enjoy this feature in their android smart phones.


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