Top 5 Island in the World

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Top 5 Island in the World

There is no shortage of beautiful islands in the world, there are some such things where you will not be able to remain natural without attractiveness. If you like this type of place then you can include these Island in your travel list.

IOS Island Greece-

This is Mountain Island where you can see beautiful houses with full of blue and white coloured. This island is also known as Cyclades Island.

After reaching there must do hiking on Pirogues Hills. After reaching on the tip of the mountain or island you will see the amazing, attractive and beautiful view of IOS Island. The speciality of this Island is the Greek Food here and the Gyros is the very popular food item here but You can’t go from here without tasting the flavor of Moussaka a food item, which is made by mixture of vegetables, Egg and flash and this is very delicious. That’s why I am telling you that you have to taste it.

Martinique, Caribbean-

If you love nature and searching for calm beach with full of green forest, then Martinique beach can be good place for you in St. Lucika. If you have to travel here then car is the best option for you. There is Yanse Noyar beach is covered with black sand and Palm tree while Yanse Dufore is a white sandy beach sea.

If you are fond of adventure, you can enjoy trekking on the rocks here. You can also find French Carabbean Restaurant on these beach sides. Where you can live or take food.

Gili Trawangan Indonesia-

If you are going to Bali, then it is Trawangan Island that is facing a little east. Padang Bai, through Bali, can reach Bali in about one and a half hours. This is a Health Holiday Destination. A large number of people reach here to learn the old methods of yoga. There is no facility to carry a large car but there will be a Bike on rent. So if you are going to Bali then you can also visit there.

koh rong samloem Cambodia-

From South Cambodian city Sihanoyukabile you can reach Koh Rong Samloem island by taking boat in around 2 hours. There is no road in this way and you have to go by feet

Well this place is not for one day's travel. If you wait for three to four days, you will be able to discover this place well. It is one of the best places in the world for snorkeling.  If you are interested in Fishing, then with the local people here you can take the advantage of fishing in the sea after sunset.

Ko Phi Phi Le-

Ko Phi Phi Le is another big Island in archipelago. This island is surrounded by Mountain and two shallow bays, Maya Bays and Loh Samah. For reaching Maya bays you have to go through via Loh Samah and crossing narrow forest, you can’t reach by boat to Maya bays due to shallow water and coral. This beach is very popular because of many Hollywood films are shoots here and of course this is a very nice island in the world, where people come from around the world to travel here for spending a good time to relax.  There are lots of adventure place for adventure lover to make their trip memorable.

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