Top 5 Place to visit in LEH-LADAKH

Top 5 Place to visit in LEH-LADAKH


Leh is a unique experience to see Kudrat (Nature) in diverse and comprehensive form in Ladakh. Due to Heavy ice fall in winter season it covered like a white blanket, while in Rainy season it covered with Green trees and Grasses. Apart from this the dark red coloured Baudh Stoop looks like welcoming  to their visitor here.

So let’s see the top 5 places of the Leh Ladakh to visit here

Pangong Lake-

After seen this lake in 3 Idiots Bollywood movie, everyone want to see this lake. This lake is 14270 feet above from the sea level and famous for their Blue water in all over the world. The 60% area of this lake in China and only 40% area in India and spread over around 5 KM, and the water is very salty, Yet it gets fully freezes in the winter’s take 5-6 hours to reach from Leh to Pangong. Campaigning along the lake side is also a thrilling experience.

This road leads to Ladakhi village with a snow-covered Changla Pass, with a height of 17590 feet, This is a dangerous and risky pass. It is said that it should not stay more than 15-20 minutes on its peak because of the lack of oxygen due to lack of breathing.

Shanti Stoop-

When the name of the city of Leh comes, it remembers the dome that is surrounded by the blue and Gray mountains of blue sky. This is Shanti Stoop, which was built by a Japanese Buddhist monk Gomeo Nakamura under the 1991 Piece Pagoda Mission. This is 5 KM far and on the peak of mountain from Leh City and 11841 feet above from sea level. This stoop is looking more beautiful in the night rather than in the day. To See stoop in the blue and bright sky under the colourful lights, looks very beautiful.

Zanskar Valley

If you did not seen Zanskar valley in Ladakh, the you nothing seen in Ladakh. It is considered to be the highest mountain range in the Himalayas. These ranges connect Ladakh with Jammu and Kashmir. Some part of it separates Kinnaur and Spiti from Himanchal. Where Zanskar is connected to Kargil by road, From the same track route, crossing Singola pass can also be reached from Himanchal.

It is not easy to reach here but the wonderful views will make you realise that the path of the path is nothing. Chadder track is one of the world's best known tracks, where trekking on the white sheet of the Zanskar river, frozen in winter, like a dreams for adventure lovers. The adventures of river rafting in the Janskar river during the summer season are amazing. This is the valley paradise for trekking trends. It has many exciting tracks such as Baby Trek, Tanar Trek, Kanji Darcha trek, Sarchu Padum trek, Kanji jangla trek and Lama Yuru Padum trek.

Thikse monastery

Thikse is a magnificent monument ,17 km from Leh City, in which a huge statue of Mahatma Buddha's friendly spirit is established. This statue of 49 feet is the tallest statue of Buddha in the entire area. There are many things related to the Buddhist sect. It is in a 12-floor building that is visible from a long distance.

Royal Stock Palace

The palace of the Namgyal dynasty,is the palace of Ladakh, is the present residence of the Stock Palace. Made in 1820, this beautiful palace is a beautiful symbol of  the Buddhist Vastical. This Palace was opened for local people to visit in by Dalai Lama in 1980. Stock Palace located at an altitude of 12000 feet still holds the glorious past of Namgyal dynasty.

On this side of the palace there is a Zanskar Range, on the other hand Mahanadi , Sindhu (Indus) flows. There are still live the relative of the royal family. To introduce Ladakh culture and royalty tradition, Jigmed Wangchuk of this dynasty changed a small part of the palace to the hotel. If you want to come here and can spend some time with members of the royal family.

How To Reach

Leh Ladakh Route is open from June to November through Kargil from Kashmir Valley. Leh is the closest airport to reach here. This airport is directly connected to Chandigarh and Srinagar except Delhi.

The nearest railway station to go here is Jammu, From Jammu you can also go by road. This distance approximately  435 km and  is a very exciting journey in itself.

Visit to Leh Ladakh is considered to be the best time from April to June, however, its beauty get much more attractive in the monsoon season, But due to landslides and natural problems, the journey here in the rainy days is challenging.

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