Top 5 places to visit in Rishikesh

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Top 5 places to visit in Rishikesh


If you are thinking to do about yoga with nature and calm destination then Rishikesh is the very good option and you must go to Rishikesh and that's not enough for you then if you are interested in adventure, thrill, Rafting and tracking then this place is perfect for you.

Rishikesh is very Peace, beautiful, incredible and adventurous place which is sorrounded by Hill and forest green Grass field.

Triveni Ghat-

Triveni Ghat is the Heart of Rishikesh which is located on bank of  the Ganga River. Ganges cross forests and

water sports doing wild animals fascinate and attract  tourist. Hundreds of people enjoy a walk on the journey

of about 2.5 kilometers long in the morning and evening from the Triveni Ghat to the barrage.

Lakshman Joola-

It is said that Laxman had built a bridge with jute ropes to cross the river Ganges. For the year 1924, there was

a pool of jute ropes which was flowing in the same year. The present pool came into existence in 1939, in 1986,

the Ram became a hammock. The devotees visit the Ashrams and temples located in this area and devotees

visit here for the whole year. This is also the favourite tourist place for foreign tourists.

Neer Water Falls-

This waterfall, 30 feet high, 5 kilometers away from Rishikesh, is one of Salonio's favorite places. 20 feet high,

small waterfalls make it beautiful in its natural beauty.



It is 25 kilometers from Rishikesh. Here the 83 Mitter Platform is built right above the Valley of the River

HainvelWhere adventure activities are operated like bungee jumping, joint swing and flying fox. After New

Zealand it is the world's second and the first center of India.

Bunji Jumping-

Bungi to jumper 83 meters in deep valley with a plate form made up of the valley?

In this activity the feet of the tourists are tied to a rubber tube with a view of safety.This rubber punch goes

with a jumper. After a 83 meter long jump, floating in the air slowly descends on the surface of the valley.

Joint swing-

For the joint swing, the man is also landed in the 83 meter deep valley by the bungee jumping platform. Two

people can do this activity together

Flying fox-

Flying Fox is also a different kind of activity in which two or three people can enjoy the thrill together.

In the Flying Fox, a small ropeway has been built on the hills on both sides of the valley.On this ropeway, two

or three people are tied together on the waistUp to one kilometer above the valley, tourists travel by speed of

120 to 160 kilometers per hour.

Narendra nagar palace-

15 km away from Rishikesh is the city of Maharaja Narendra Shah of Tehri principality, in the year 1925,

Narendra Nagar was the capital of Tehri made by Narendra shah.A magnificent palace was built here with the

Narendra Nagar TownshipThis palace is now known as Ananda Hotel, Spread over 100 acres, this palace is

surrounded by the Sundar forest and the jungle.Here is the beauty of Rishikesh


It is also known for the leading luxury Ayurvedic treatments of India.

Hollywood, Bollywood Cricketers and Politicians comes here for Traditional Ayurveda Yoga Fitness and

Healthy Recipe.


Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Anil Kapoor, Preity Zinta, Sonam Kapoor, Indian Cricket Team Captain Virat Kohli, Former Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Sachin tendulkar and Former Deputy Prime Minister LK Advani, who has been benefited from natural healing. So if your are planing for visit in Rishikesh then Don’t forget to visit these places

How  and when To Reach  Rishikesh-

Rishikesh is directly connected to the bus and the railway from major cities of the country. There is a regular

bus service from Delhi. Apart from this, the Jollygrant located near the nearest airport, Dehradun, is just 15

kilometers away. Rishikesh attracts tourists for twelve months, but from August to December and March to

June, the weather here is very beautiful suitable and available for picnic.


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