Top 5 places to visit in Lhasa Tibet

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Top 5 places to visit in Lhasa Tibet

Tibet is a very beautiful place. Like the Lhasa pilgrimage for the Buddhists, it is also called the roof of the world. This Buddhist culture has many Buddhist sites in the city. The sunrise is worth seeing here. Due to the morning flashing sunlight it is also called Sunshine City.  In the night it is too Cold and raining heavily. Relief from the heat and sunshine of the day is just another fun in the rain. Relief from the heat and sunshine of the day is just another fun.

In such a case, if you are planning to travel in Tibet, it will not only make you realise the natural beauty of it, Rather you will be confronted with Tibet's civilisation and culture. Tibet has many places to travel, but we will tell you about such places where you need to travel, And without seeing them, Tibet's journey can’t said to be completed.


Jokhang Temple

It is situated in the middle of old Lhasa and is the main centre of faith of Tibetans. Jokang is a famous Buddhist monastery located in Lhasa, capital of Tibet, which attracts thousands of tourists and Buddhists from all over the world. It was built in the 7th century by King Songsan Gempo. Mongols sometimes tried to ruin it but still could not afford it. This monastery is spread over 25000 square meters. Jokang Math is located near  Potala Palace. Once reaching the huge square in front of the Jokang monastery, Buddhist shrubs on the door of Meth are visible from the distance. As you enter the field of the Math, the smoke rising from the different buildings, the bright dome of meth and the fragrance of ghee, the atmosphere looks fragrant.

Potala Palace

This Palace is one of Tibet's famous tourist sites and is situated on the Red Hills of Lhasa, capital of Tibet and built by the king Songsan Gempo in 7th century and after that in 17th century it was spread more by Dalai Lama and included in world heritage place in 1994 by UNESCO. There is a white residential building and a red palace religious building where there are many rooms for Lord Buddha's prayer. It is famous for its buildings and textures. All stupa shere are covered with Gold layers.

Tibet Museum

The Tibet Museum, located in the south-east of Norboolika's, is the first modern museum here.

Museum also contain remnants of prehistoric times, including the statues of Lord Buddha in different ways. Here you will find a lot of Sanskrit and Tibetan languages ​​along with the gift given by the royal seals and warriors. Here you can meet the people's style of Tibetan.

Barkhor Street

This is very old streets in between the capital of Tibet Lhasa and here you discover the culture, art, religion and economic status of Tibetans. Barkhor is a road that spreads all around  to the Jokhong temple. Barkhor is a road that spreads from the Saturdays to the Jokhong temple. You should also go to the Tubo period where there are more than 120 handicraft shops and more than 200 stalls. Shopping for you here can be a lot better and the tourists coming to Lhasa do not want to miss any chance of shopping here.

DaPung Meth

DaPung Math is one of the 6 major temples of Tibetan Buddhism, Which is located in the western suburb of Lhasa, capital of Tibet. It was build in 1416 and this is biggest temple in Tibet. There are deep forest around the DaPung Meth and in front of the temple Lhasa river and big field are present. DePung Meth is the temple of every generation of the Dalai Lama, whose religious place is also considered the highest. DePung Math is the centre of attraction between foreigners and tourists.

What to Eat

You can eat here like Chinese food, western, Nepali and Indian food in Tibet. Typically, beef or mutton is used in Tibetan food.

If you can not drink butter tea, then you can definitely enjoy the milk tea. Here you can also enjoy the different noodles made in different ways.

How To Reach

The specialty of the Tibet season is that there is lukewarm sunlight in the morning and it gets very cold during the night. Here rain can also be enjoyed with cold weather.

Usually the month from March to October is considered to be the best time to visit Tibet.

Lhasa is connected by rail, road and air route. Whether you want to reach Tibet via China or Nepal.

Delhi can go to Tibet (Lhasa) via Kathmandu.

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