Top Best Mobile games, which liked more on internet

Top Best Mobile games for Android, iOS, and PC ,which liked more on internet

Best Mobile Game: People are spending more time on mobile gaming than video streaming in the country. The average time of mobile gaming has exceeded one hour per day, While video streaming Netflix is about 45 minutes on the video of the Amazons. So let's know about Top Best Mobile games which liked more on internet.


Top Best Mobile games

PUBG is one of the most popular game on the internet this year. This game is very easy to play and also design very normally . The Graphics used in this Games are excellent. In the game you are left in a battleground, where other people are also.


You have to shoot the people to stay alive, the most important thing is that the game is going live, and people from anywhere in the world can  join you. The maximum people are allowed in this game is 100 and you can select 4 people to make your group to make your game plan.


During the game, you get the coins, which can upgrade the weapons. Its new updates make it even more interesting. This Game is available for PC, Android and IOS, can download this game from play store, apple store and internet.

2.Battle Lands Royale

Top Best Mobile games

This is a very interesting game. Here you have to save yourself and fire on others. This multiplayer real-time game is where 32 people can play together. The most special thing is that in every part of the game, you have to continuously fire for 3 to 5 minutes.


Remember that even faster than the front you will get a shot, which you have to save yourself. During the game you will get different strengths which will help in the fight. It supports Android and iOS.


3.Alto's Adventure

Top Best Mobile games

If you are looking for some adventure games that are easy to play and even fun, then Alto's adventure is best for you. Here Alto's and his friends are waiting for you.


It is a snowboarding theme based game, which is Endless, i.e. like Temple Run and Subway Surfer. In the game you will find high mountains covered with snow, in which you have to go snowboarding.


During snowboarding you will get a lot of boost as well as good powers. During the race, the barriers between the drift and the middle make it more fun. The game scene is fantastic and you will also find different locations. It also supports PC, Android and iOS.

4.Shadow gun Legends

Top Best Mobile games

This is a best game for Android and iOS platforms. This game will make you realize the gaming console, as the name implies that there is a lot of competition, but the rules here are a little different.


The battle is going on in the city, where the shops have to be demolished to get weapons. With this you have to win the Coin so that they can upgrade the Weapons. This is a multiplayer game and its game play is also great. You can download this game from playstore and ios

5.Marvel Spider Man Unlimited

Top Best Mobile games

So far Spider-Man must have seen fighting in his TV show and comics, but now it's a chance to prove himself a Spiderman. In this mobile game you have to fight from dangerous enemies.


The game grows on a story, where there is a theme that has attacked some evil forces in New York and the whole city is devastating. Now people have hopes from Spiderman. Graphics are fantastic in the game. And when there is a Spiderman, it will be fun. This game can play on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.


6.Doctor Driving

Top Best Mobile games

It's not your racing but your driving test on mobile. In the game you will be given small tasks, which must be completed in due time. The game is easy to play and the control will be in both hands. The graphics of the game is such that while playing you will feel like you are sitting in the car.


Steering is in the right hand and the accelerator in the left hand. With this, the car has to be controlled. Although the graphics are simple, the bike task is very fun. It is available download for Android and iOS.

7.WWE Champions

Top Best Mobile games

If you talk about good mobile games, then the champions are also a good option. More than 30 million people like WWE wrestling game. If you play this game on mobile then you more enjoy than on TV because here you can help to win the WWE fighter. You can download this game from play store and IOS for free.


Top Best Mobile games

If you have played your mobile game Asphalt 8, then you can also guess its upgrade version, and if not played then download it. This game based on racing theme can be called the best car racing mobile game of all time.


There will be many cars together and you have to come to the top. You can adopt any kind of trick for this. Can remove someone from the way, or even take a long leap of the car. The car's drift and speed boost also make a good feel.


Its sound is also excellent with gaming. You will find different laps and tracks for racing. You can also choose a car of choice with it, but for that you have to win the game. You can download this game free from play store, IOS and also available for PC.


So these are Top Best Mobile games, which liked more on internet. If you are like to play game on internet on your mobile phone, you can choose any of them.

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