Top Five Software that you want to use

When you buy any laptop or pc you get lots of software free and uploaded , apart from these software you want to use more and some specific software in your laptop and computer but you you have to purchase them and it can be costly that you did not afford some times, so now let me tell the software that are free and very useful for anyone who use laptop and computer Lets See-


If you not able to buy Adob photoshop then you can use GNU, manipulation program (GIMP)  this is very  powerful software which has feature like adob photoshop. This is a cross-platform image editor which is available for free for, Linux, OSX, Windows and other operating system.


feature available for changing the source code of the file, user like graphics designer, photograph illustrators etc.

There is lots of shortcuts and tips in this software -

You can edit modify, cut and set the image quality.

Easy to navigate and the best option for adob photoshop.

If you want to try another software then for windows, and pixelmetore for mac.

2- Libre Office

The office suite is very important tool from Microsoft. If office suite does not work properly then you can use libre office  apart from Microsoft office suit.

This is free and open source office suite there many application in this software that make it more powerful software like, writer (word processing ), spread sheet, impress (presentation ), Draw (vector office and flow chart), Base (Database), Math (formula editing) etc.

You can do all type of works as you do on Microsoft office and also support and work with Microsoft word, excel, power point and publisher. You can edit document and save it here.

For downloading Go

3- Blender

If you are interested in 3D modelling, 3D printing, 3D animation,  then you can use blender software and the best part this is free.

Apart from this Maya and many other tools are used for animation and modelling in studio. If you are a beginner then this software is for you, this is free open source 3D creation suite.

Key features

You can create-

-3D modelling, ringing animation, simulation, motion tracking, video editing and many more.

-Game from this Software.

You can get the training and video tutorial on its website.

This software works with windows, mac, os and linux.

For Downloading click the site below

4- Avira Free and Powerful antivirus

Antivirus software is most important software for any laptop, pc and mobile phones. But all antivirus software has certain cost and you don't want to purchase them or you can't afford them, then Avira is the best option.

Avira antivirus software this is free and full antivirus software that protect your laptop computer and mobile phone form viruses and malware and keep your laptop performance good.

Key Feature

This antivirus software block malware and clean your online track and protect your phone pc and laptop from virus.

This software has Nextgen-security, privacy protection, feature that improve the performance of the laptop, computer, and Phone.

For Windows user the software is very useful.

For Downloading

If you are using mac then you can try Seefose

5- Davinci Resolve

If you want to use free video editing software for better video, then you can try davinci resolve, this is the best option with professional  tools.

Key Feaures

colour correction, professional audio post production etc.

Apart from this professional editing, creative editing, Advance trimming, multicam editing, speed effect, timeline curve editing etc.

This software available for free download for windoaws, mac, os and linux.

For Downloading click on the link


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