Top off beat destination to visits in India

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Top off beat destination to visits in India

After the monsoon, the natural beauty of Nature and blooms over, if you are a nature lover then you must visit to these places and I definitely say that you can’t stop yourself to say it’s amazing and want to come again and again. So let’s know about them.

Lachen, Sikkimm

A visit to Lachen in Sikkim during this season can be memorable for you. There is plenty places to see here, along with the beautiful landscape, snow glowing on the mountains.

This is a small village of northern Sikkim and the population is very less here. But this place is not only naturally beautiful but it is also possible to see various types of wildlife here.

This place is far from Gangtok about 129 km. Gurudongmar lake is very popular among the tourists coming here which is located on 5210 km from the sea level. Located on this height, it is the largest freshwater lake. This is located in the north of the Kangancha Junkha Hills.

In the winter season, the lake is fully freezes and here every year the Thangoo Yolk unique hill race is organized, which also attracts the tourists and they come here to see this.

What to see?

Thangoo Valley, Chopta valley, Lachen Monastery, Gurudongmar Lake,  Shingba Roddraden Sanctury etc.

What to Do?

This place is popular for camping, Trekking and river rafting.

How to Go?

Bagdogra Airport is 200km from Lachen, it is the nearest airport. Darjeeling Railway Station is the nearest railway station here, which is approximately 174 km far from Lachen.

Daman and Dui, Gujrat

There is enough for the tourists in the Daman and Diu, surrounded by sea from three sides, and the shining sand tourists on the grand beaches of this place attract a lot.

Here the more memorials were built during the Portuguese rule, these monuments and historical Places have been preserved in the ancient world today, which attract to the tourists here. The History of Daman and Diu is ancient about 2000 years.

Diu’s are also mentioned in the Mahabharata, some of the 14 years made of Pandavas had spent some times here. Daman and Diu situated near Gujarat is the second smallest Union Territory in the country.

Daman is situated on the Gujarat coast, Diu is situated on the shore of Kathiawar Peninsula. This island is connected to the mainland in the north through a narrow channel; the climate of Daman is light and humid, while the dew season is sultry.

What to see here?

Devka Beech, Nani Daman,  Fort of Diu, Hilsa aquarium, Jumpore beach, wam Jeejus church, Jampa gatway, Gangeshwar temple, Diu museum, cells museum etc.

Lonavla Maharashtra

After the rainy season is over, the green cover laid off all over Lonawvla, which make special for nature lover. This is also an a weekend destination for tourists, the waterfall of here attract to the tourists, Also in the vicinity, important Buddhist center is also visible in the second century Esha East. There are still many ancient Buddhist temples in this area, the weather here is also very pleasant.

If we talk about popular view point here then, duck nose, Tiger Leap, lion point etc. are very popular and from here you can go some other popular places like Mahabaleshwar, Punchgani and Malsage Ghat etc.

What to see?

Rajmachi Fort, Lohagarh Fort, Bedsa cave, Celebrity wax museum, karla and Bhaja Cave and Tunga Fort.

What to Do?

Tracking up to Lohgarh, Tungarli Lake and Lonavala Lake are a great picnic spot, besides camping and shopping facilities are available.

How to Go?

The nearest airport is 68 km far from Pune.

There are railway station available in lonavala which is connected by Pune and Mumbai directly from here you can take train for Lonavala.

Tarkarli, Maharashtra

Tararali is a small village situated about 160 miles away from Kolhapur in Maharashtra. Tarkarli is a perfect place to take advantage of nature at a distance from here. This is one of the best beach in india. The way here passes through Malwad. Malwad is a small but very beautiful town here.

On the side of the road, the house built in a stale house. Dev Bagh is 14 km far from Malwad. This village, situated on the bank of the Black River, is very much appreciated by nature, it is just greenery around here. You can enjoy Boating here in Dev Garden.

Another sample of nature can be seen here, the confluence of the river and the ocean. On one hand, the river flows on the other side of the river Karali, wants to take the river like the Arabian Sea, completely into its lane.

What to see?

Tarkarli Beach, Sindhu Durg Fort, Devgarden, Malvad, Padamgarh, vijaigarh, Karli backwaters, Dhamapur Lake, Sri Chhattrapti Temple Scooba diving, rafting, dolfing sporting  etc.

How to Go?

By air, Dabolim Air port of Goa is 130 km far from Tarkarli.

By Railway- It is 33 km from Kudal railway station.


Bundi, Rajasthan

The glorious history of the city of Bundi is surrounded by small hills of Aravali. Here are all the museum attractions, such as palaces, castles, temples and lakes are present. But there is a special charm between Taragarh Fort's tourism, located at a height of around 500 feet hight,  it attracts fortresses from far away.

It was founded in 1352 by Rao Barsingh to defend the enemies. Today this fort is considered as a grand example of Rajput architecture, there is also a four huge lake in the Taragarh complex. From the window of forts, the visual of all around looks very charming and beautiful.

The beautiful form of Naval Sagar Lake is different. To go to the fort and palaces from the city, have to go through the middle of the market, chaos, doors and many old buildings. The tourists seem to be at that point of time as they are looking at the pages of Bundi's history from the opposite direction.

Bundi has a tradition of water conservation in ancient times. There are many lakes here that are not natural but they were built here by the kings here. These lakes are a special part of the beauty of Bundi today, Nawalasagar, located in the shadow of the fort of Durg, is one of them.

In the middle of this quadrangle-shaped lake, there is a temple of Varun Devta, just a few minutes away is Sukhsagar Lake.

What to see?

Bundi place, Shikar Burj, Taragarh Fort, Chitrashali art gallery, Raniji ki Bawadi, chaurasi khmbho ki chhatri, Nawal sagar lake, Ratan Daulat, Bijolia, Dhabaiknd,  and Jaitsagar lake.

How to go?

The nearest airport is Kota which is 38 km far from Bundi. You can go Bundi via Kota and Kota is also connected with Delhi, Mumbai Railway root and can also reach by train to kota.

If you are want to go by Bus then you can take bus from  Kota, Ajmer, Jaipur, Delhi, Udaipur and ChitaurGarh etc.

Duar, West Bengal

The tea plantations and greenery-filled Duar is like gateways for the North East Bhutan. This place is popular for biodiversity. Especially for those who like’s adventure and nature lover, this may be the perfect destination for them in this season.

After the rainy season, the natural beauty of this place is made, it is also a perfect destination for photography. Duar Valley extends from Teesta river to Sankosh river.

The specialty of this area is that there is a whole lot of sanctuary here, such as Jaladapada Wildlife sanctuary, Gorumara National Park, Champadari Wildlife Sanctuary. Here is the habit of living with a horny rhinoceros, deer, bison, sambar, elephant and many living creatures.

How to go?

The nearest railway station for Duar is New Jalpaigudi which is 60 km far from Duar.

Nearest Airport is Bagdogra, which is 75 km far fro Duar.

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