Top place to visit in Mysore Karnataka India

Top place to visit in Mysore Karnataka India-

Mysore, the historic cultural city of Karnataka, is not only for Tipu Sultan and Mysore palace, but also for its Dussehra celebration.

So today I am going to tell you about some beautiful place in Mysore which make a memorable visit for you and can be more enjoyable destination for you. So let’s see.

In the days of Dussehra, Missouri's Aishwarya comes out. The weather change in Missouri is dry, in the light pink winter when the color of the tradition of the Dussehra celebrates the city, then take positive feelings in the heart.

It is different from other states here, because it is the state festival here. Earlier, the king of Mysore used to call ministers on this festival and discuss the progress of the state. Even today, the people of the state family together plan to celebrate Dussehra festival, Then they take the blessings of Ma Chamundeswari and establishes her statue.

On this state festival, the ride of Mother Chamundeswari rises on the palace road. Looking at the royal elephant, horses in this magnificent Shobha yatra, there is a different feeling.

Mysore Palace-

When the stars begin to shine in the sky, when the sky shines, Mysore shines in the light of the palace. The Roshan Mahal of Mysore, as seen from the hills of the Chamundeswari Devi Temple, appears to be such that on Sunday night it is the resting place of the sun god.

The castle part is decorated with valuable stones. The palace court hall is equipped with gold silver. It is also famous for the charming chandelier. The gold-sack of 18kg has been kept in the premises. The Goddess Chamundeswari is taken to the elephant ride in this palanquin. The roof of the palace is decorated with a colourful glass that the light of the sun shines walls and columns with its colours.

The magnificent paintings of the spectacular galaxies of the Brahmand have been painted on the roof of the Public Darbar Hall. The Indo- Arabian style of this palace is visible in the vibrant Dussehera, these days it is decorated with colourful bulbs.

Jaganmohan palace ( White House)-

In a mishap, a fire was set on fire in Mysore Palace, the until the reconstruction of it, a palace named Jagan Mohan Mahal was constructed in a few days for the majestic family. Walls decorated with beautiful roofing, elegant furniture and compositions of great painters, this palace also makes one of the most beautiful sights of Missouri.

Pictures of King Ravi Verma make this palace more special. The main entrance to the palace, which takes the side of the Darbar Hall, is made similar to the American "White House". It also embodies the architecture of this palace.

Lalitha Mahal Palace-

The lalitha mahal is the second biggest palace in mysore. It's far positioned near the chamundi hills, east of the city of mysore inside the indian state of karnataka. The palace turn out to be built in 1921 at the orders of his highness krishnaraja wodeyar 4, the maharaja of mysore for the super stay of the then viceroy of india. Constructed on a elevating floor, the palace have become prolonged-set up on the lines of the st. Paul’s cathedral in london and is one of the implementing structures of the mysore city.

The stylish palace is painted herbal white. It changed into converted proper proper right into a historical beyond motel in 1974. It's far now run as an elite motel of the ashok organization of the india tourism improvement enterprise organization organisation below the government of india. But, a veneer of the ideal royal surroundings of the palace is maintained.

Karanjikere Garden-

In search of some quiet moments between the city's noise, Missouri’ people goes out for a walk in the Sundar Bagh of Karanjekere. The pleasant weather birds twang and the tropical waves of the Karanji pond will make you sit here to see the pleasant atmosphere. As soon as you enter in this garden you will welcome by different colours of Butterfly.

By watching boats in the lake, you can see beautiful birds from different countries here. The European Birds and Peacock are kept in their natural surroundings in the large bird sanctuary here. You can not see the imagination of that adventure, unless the birds that live here appear to be flying around you.

For information about visitors, the trees, plants, butterflies and cactus are here in detail. There is a colourful swing here for children and many other equipment for sports. Surely the meeting of Karnjikere will only bind you with the precious views of nature.

Beautiful Place for Photography-

Mysore is the place of temples, palaces, lakes, beautiful flowers, and all the things that you would like to capture in your camera. From this, the Chamundeshwari temple built on the hill located 12 km away from here.

This temple is the largest built in Dravidian style. This is the Goddess of Missouri. The breathtaking fragrance of the "Mysore Malige" beautiful flower makes the unique atmosphere of this hill holy.

The statue of Mahishasur has also been installed on the square outside the temple, which gives evidence of its violent nature.

Chamundeswari Temple is built in the style of "Gopuram" like the rest of the remaining South Indian temples. Here you can see centuries old idols and architecture.

In this construction of the temple, the traditional method of limestone and dust has been used. There is River on the hill, temple and goddess pond that is a suitable place for photographers and selfie lovers.

St. Philomena Church "Gothic architecture"-

If you see two beautifully carved tower when you traveling there, you can imagine that you have a "St Philomena" church in which is one of the Asia's tallest church. From Chamundeshwari Devi temple to high hills, you can see the minarets of the Philomena Church.  Considered the treaty site of St Philomena, this church was built in the new-Gothic architecture in the shape of "cross" in British rule.

Today, this church is considered to be one of the finest churches of India. The architecture and workmanship here will surely surprise you. There are many memorials of St. Philomena have been kept in the church.


Capital of Tipu Sultan-

Tipu Sultan, famously known as Tiger of India, made his capital in the island of Shree Rangapattnam, during the partition of the Kaveri river. This far from 22 KM from Mysore. Temple of Ranganath Swamy, Tipu Sultan's "Summer Palace" is a scenic spot made of the Islamic style of Gumad and Kaveri River.

The pictures made from natural colours on the walls of the Summer Palace are extremely artistic and awful. You can also go to Shrirangpattnam for a day after Missouri visit.

So here are the some beautiful place to visit n Mysore. if you are planing to go for Mysore then you can see these places and make your visit memorable.

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