Top place to visit Shillong Meghalaya

Top place to visit Shillong Meghalaya

Top place to visit Shillong Meghalaya

Clouds covered with hills, greenery, sparkling small and big waterfalls Not only that, the identity of the Shillong of the Capital of Meghalaya. This is also called as eastern Scotland of India.

So let’s know about the best place of Shillong-

Umiam Lake-

Umiam Lake is situated about 20 kilo meters east of Shillong on the highway, it attracts tourists due to its amazing blue clear water and greenery. This lake is built due to Umiya hydroelectric power project, it also has a water sports complex.

Water sports such as boating, white water rafting, water skiing can also be enjoyed here, for all these reasons it is considered a perfect picnic spot. In the evening, there is a different environment in weather which becomes very beautiful and beautiful.

The crowd that was submerged in the city during the entire day began to drown in the beauty of the beautiful evening.

Incredible Cherrapunji –

Cherrapunji is situated at a distance of 60 km from Shillong. Prior to the monsoon, it was the most famous for rain. As soon as you reach here, you start listening to the sound of the flowing water springs which attracts the mind.

The real name of this place is Sohra which used to be an area ruled by Khasi tribe chief. From Shillong to Sohra, greenery is made. In the hills of East Khasi, green forests, thin sloping rivers, the views of the crops grown on the hill slopes, given a slight level of land, recognise this path differently.

Elephant Falls-

It is located in Upper Shillong and is near the Eastern Command of the Air Force. The beauty of this waterfall is also noticed. The real name of this waterfall is "Ka shaid Lai Pateng Khoshi", which means a waterfall falling in three parts.

Later, the British changed its name to the Elephant Fall, because this fall had a stone that looked like an elephant. However, due to the earthquake in 1897, the stone has been destroyed, but the spring is still known by the same name. You may also go under the waterfall where there is a small lake.

Mawsynram shillong meghalaya-

Mawsynram is about 15 km from Cherrapunji, now it is considered the most rain forest place in the world, in place of Mawsynram, Cherrapunji. Here, in the recent years, more of the rainfall has been recorded from Cherrapunji. Due to heavy rainfall this is most moist place of the world.

In the rainy season, there is a continuous drop of water fountains. Seeing the high dens cloud from the near makes, great pleasant feeling.  There is so much rain due to the Bay of Bengal and South Hind Ocean’s wind flow.

Nohkalikai waterfall and health Resort-

India's fifth highest waterfall is in Noahkalikai Cherrapunji, its height is 335 meters. The source of this spring is rain in Cherrapunji.

If you like boating and want to look at the nature in a new way, then 56 km away from Shillong can go to Davki. It is located near Umgot river, here is a swing bridge with the river flowing through the river. Here boating competition is also held every year, similarly Jaakrem, 64 kilo meters from Shillong, is a place which is popular for the health resort. Here is a source of sulphur water which is considered to remove many diseases. It is a beautiful place surrounded by rocks.

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