Top Places to Visit in Nainital, Uttrakhand India

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Top Places to Visit in Nainital

Top Places to Visit in Nainital, Uttrakhand India

Hey guys are you ready for your winter trip and planning to visit in Nainital. If you are going to visit Nainital then you must come to theses Top Places to Visit in Nainital that make your trip more adventurous and entertaining. Let's have look these places and know more about these places. 

Nainital is a magnificent tourist destination situated in beautiful hilltops. The high and beautiful mountains, lakes, and the greenery spread all around will make you Nainital crazy. It is also called the City of Lakes.



Echo cave

Top Places to Visit in Nainital, Uttrakhand India

Eco Cave is one of the most famous places here. There are many caves in it. The most important thing in this cave is that wherever the weather is, it is always cold but in this cave always remains cold. Snow view points can also be seen here. Several Bollywood movies have also been shot around this cave.


Naini Lake

Top Places to Visit in Nainital, Uttrakhand India

Nainital has a beautiful Naini lake in the heart of the city. Naini lake has a reflection of the surrounding hills, which makes its water look green and this view looks very captivating. In this lake you can also enjoy boating, this will help you to feel the beauty of the lake closer.


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Naukuchiya taal (pond)

Top Places to Visit in Nainital, Uttrakhand India

As you know, Nainital is called the City of Lakes. You will be tired of roaming around here but the stream of lakes will not end. Naukuchia tal is famous for its reason, 11 km from Bhimtal Situated at a distance of, the beauty of the Naukuchiya Tal is seen only. The depth of this lake is about 160 feet. Here you can spend time to relax.



If you plan to roam or roam with friends, Nainital's name comes first. Whether the weather is hot or the winter, the natural beauty of Nainital attracts people to themselves. In winter season, Nainital collapses from the snow all around. Enjoying it, Far from the opposite side. Come to see this beauty in winter, people do not take the name of going from here.


There was a time when there were more than 60 lakes, the people whose beauty looked at became mantras. Here the tourists come to visit and sing the whole year's beautiful beauty. People living in Delhi NCR can go by their car. Rent from buses will cost only 600 to 800 rupees. The cost of staying here and eating food will be very little.


About Nainital

Nainital was discovered in 1841. This place was constructed by the British for their comfort. Nainital is surrounded by mountains and thick trees all around. Nainital is beautifully surrounded by all three sides. High mountains, dense trees and seaside which enhance its beauty.



The water of the pool is very clear, the water of the rhythm shows the shadow of the hills and its surroundings. When the shadow of the shimmering light of the house built over the hill at night, when it appears in the rhythm, it looks like it looks like thousands of bulbs are seen in the rhythm.
Here the color of water rhythm depends on the nature. According to the weather, its water color keeps changing. Rain is green. In the heat, there is a blue look in winter. People come from far-flung to see this amazing sight. Some people come with their friends, while some people come to spend precious time with their family.
The arrangement for staying here is also right. Good hotel is available to stay in 500 to 1000 rupees. One time food is also available. It is also good to have a meal outside the hotel.

Tallital and Pallital

Top Places to Visit in Nainital, Uttrakhand India

Nainital is divided into two parts. Tallital and pallital are called upper Tallital and the lower part is called pallital. Here is the Nainadevi temple on the Pallital and the open ground to roam where people are seen doing picnics. The place that connects the Tallital and the Pallital is called Mall Road. It is also a great place for shopping.


How to Reach


There is no direct air service for Nainital. Here you can go by car or bus. Kathgodam railway station is 34 kms away from where all the resources are available for Nainital.



If you are going to Nainital by your car, then some precautions are to be done -drinking and drunk driving is strictly forbidden. It is forbidden to drive FM or music in the car here. There may be an invoice even after wearing sandals and driving. If you want to go to the mall then make a booking for the taxi. Take away the hot clothes for any of the weather.


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