Top places to visit in Nepal

Top places to visit in Nepal


Top places to visit in Nepal: Hi every one today we will tell you the Top places to visit in Nepal, when

you have less budget to spend. If you are planning a tour in spend less in the budget, then definitely do this

beautiful city tour.
Everyone loves to go to new places. Many places around the world are famous for travel, but if you want to

travel somewhere in a low budget, Nepal is the best for you. Natural Beauty and Historic Places With plenty

of beautiful scenes, you can enjoy plenty in Nepal with your family or friends.


Apart from this, you can take advantage of trekking, adventures sports and natural tours in Nepal, boasting

high-elevated mountains and treasures of dense forests. So let's know some beautiful places to roam in Nepal.

1. Lumbini

Indo-Nepal border Ruminodai village is called Lumbini only. In this prominent place of Buddhism, you can see

the beautiful temple of Mayadevi. Apart from this, there are many beautiful places to see here.


2. Pashupatinath


Among the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, Pashupatinath Temple is one of the 8 main temples of Hindu

people. People from all over the world come to see the beauty and architecture of this temple.


3. Devghat Dham

On Devghat Dham, you can see the wonderful confluence of two rivers. Apart from this, you can see tourist

attractions like Valmiki Temple, Someshwar Kalika Temple, Kabilaspur Fort etc. in the vicinity of this place.


4. Chang'anarayan Temple

This temple is the oldest and ancient temple of Nepal. In this temple built on the hills of Shivpuri, you will also

see the statue of Vishnu God and Sheshnag built in Shilpakala.

5. Nagarkot

Top places to visit in Nepal
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Nagarkot hill station of Nepal stands at 7 thousand feet height. You will also see the sunrise of Mount Everest

from the highest peak of this hill station.


6. Pokhara

Pokhara is located in the city of Central Nepal near the Fava Lake. Here you can enjoy unique temples, hills

and lakes.


7. Patan

In this third largest city of Nepal, you can see cultural heritage, art and croft. Apart from this, 'Patan' festival is

also very popular in this city.


8. Gupteeshwar cave

It is a religious cave built near Davis Falls. In this cave three kilometers long, you can see a Shivling.

Top places to visit in Nepal
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Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and very famous for tourism. Kathmandu is the only place in Nepal where

having the Airport service. There are lots of places to visit there and local market for shopping.



So friends these are the some beautiful and historical places Nepal where you can go, apart from this there are

also many lakes, Hill station available, if you can afford more than you can enjoy this also. If you are planing to

visit in Nepal then you should go these places, and I am sure you will like them.


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