Treatment for Kidney Stones Kidney, Cause, Prevention, Home Remedy

Treatment for Kidney Stones Kidney, Cause, Prevention, 

Treatment for Kidney Stones Kidney, Cause, Prevention, Home Remedy

Home Remedy: No matter How old the Kidney stones are, it will be the easiest way to get rid of the urine. Kidney is an essential part of a person’s body, which filters the toxic elements formed in the body of the body and filters them out of the body.

A person has 2 kidneys from birth but man can live his life even with the support of a kidney. Many times, due to the change in the person’s diet, kidney stones become a problem in the kidney. So let’s know the Treatment for Kidney Stones Kidney, Cause, Prevention Home Remedy

How many types of stones are in kidney?

Calcium Stones – Most people have similar stones.
Uric acid stones – Low-water drinkers have uric acid stones.
Stravate stones – the person has Strevette stones when infections in the urine.
Sinstin stones – There is such a calculus for genetic reasons.

Causes of kidney stones

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Due to bad eating habits and drinking less water, the person also becomes the problem of calculus.

The biggest cause of most stomach disease is due to the calcium deposits in the body.

Cardiovascular problem is also caused by kidney infection due to urinary tract infection.

There is also problem of kidney stones in the kidneys due to pausing for a long time.

How to eliminate kidney stones


Papaya Root-

Treatment for Kidney Stones Kidney, Cause, Prevention, Home Remedy

Grind 10 grams of papaya root, after which mix well with 40 grams of water in it. After that, filter the solution with the cloth and drink it. Using this method for at least 25 days, the kidney stones go out of the urinary tract .. If the food is good, then click on the yellow button below to definitely download.


Balam Kheera (Kigelia)

Treatment for Kidney Stones Kidney, Cause, Prevention, Home Remedy

You guys will know about Balam Khera (Kigelia). Balam cucumber is a type of cucumber and it is one of the cucumber species. At the same time it is found in the mountainous terrain. Today we are going to tell you about its special benefits.

Friends, balm cucumber can overcome many diseases, and one of them is a special disease. Using balm cucumber can get rid of stone disease. So let’s know friends have some special advantages about Balm Kheera (Kigelia), as well as medicinal properties of this can make your stone disappear in this way.

Treatment for Kidney Stones Kidney, Cause, Prevention, Home Remedy

Friends, as you know, stones are one of the most dangerous diseases, and at the same time when it is someone, they have to face unbearable pain. But friends have a panacea for Balam Kigra Patriotic disease. For this you must first cut small pieces for balm.

After that you put it in a vessel and put water on it and after that boil balam cucumber (Kigelia). At the same time after cooking it for 1 to 2 hours, you should take two spoons of empty stomach in the morning. By doing so, stone disease will end only within two weeks.


Patharchatta (Bryophyllum pinnatum)-

Treatment for Kidney Stones Kidney, Cause, Prevention, Home Remedy

This is that plant- the plant we are talking about is famous as Patharchatta (Bryophyllum pinnatum). Patharchatta plant is found in most of the rainy season, after chewing an empty stomach to the leaves of this plant, stones begin to emerge through the urine.

The consumption of these things is prohibited – during this time, doctors refuse some things like vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplants, because they increase the problem of .


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