Tumbad movie Story Review, Box Office, Collection Day 1, Budget, Hit or Flop, Wiki

Tumbad movie Story Review, Box Office, Collection

Tumbad movie Story Review, Box Office, Collection, Budget, Hit or Flop, Wiki

Tumbad Movie 2018: When Trailer was release of Tumbad movie, it get viral of Youtube and cleared this can be very good horror movie and now the movie in cinema house theatre, So let,s know about Tumbad movie Story Review, Box Office, Collection and Satr Cast.


Movie Name: Tumbad


Director: Rahi Anil Barve, Anand Gandhi


Star cast: Soham Shah, Anita Date, Ranjini Chakraborty,  Harish Khanna, Deepak Damle


Duration: 1 hour 53 minutes


Rating: 3.5 stars


Budget: 8 Crore


Collection: 0.65 Crore Day 1 and Total 4.55 Crore Day 5


Soham Shah has appeared in different roles in films like Gulab Gang, Talwar and Simran. In 2012, he was born in Tumbad, which is a fictional story of the village of 'Tumbaad' in Maharashtra. The film was supported by Anand L. Rai and now it is ready to release. Let's know what the film is made of ...

Story of The movie


This movie is divided into three chapters. The story begins in 1918, where Vinayak Rao (Soham Shah) lives with his mother and brother in Tumbad village of Maharashtra. But there is a treasure hiding in the enclosure there. Whose mother is also looking for him. But there are some things that cause her mother to take her to Pune.


After 15 years, Vinayak goes back to Tumbad and starts looking for treasure. His marriage and children also happen, but the covetousness of the treasure continues to force him to go to Pune from Tumbad. Eventually one such event decreases, which is also a great lesson. The film will have to be seen to know it.

Tumbad movie Story Review, Box Office, Collection, Budget, Hit or Flop, Wiki

Know why the film should be seen


Although the story of the film is fictional, but is overwhelming. From the first frame to the end, you keep the seat on the seat. The funny thing is that you do not have time to pay attention to the mobile phone. Because you have to pay attention to the screen completely so that you can not miss anything.


There is a great deal of talk about man's biggest fascination and greed in the movie. Joe Rahi Anil Barve has shown. The background score of the film is amazing and the method of filming is very good. In a way the movie enjoys 3D in 2D.

How is acting in movie


Soham Shah has played a very good role in acting and his hard work is also seen on the screen. There are very difficult scenes, but he has played pretty role in every character. The location is amazing and in a way there is a visual treat. The title track of the film also plays with the story.

Weak Point:


The weak link in the film is probably its certification, which is 'A'. That is, only Adult people will be able to see this movie. With this, there is no big star in the film. Due to this, it would be a huge task to pull the audience up to the theater. Most people still do not know that this film is being released. But once they get the news, they will definitely secure their seats.


Box Office:


The budget of the movie is quite small, but with it Govinda's Friday, Kajol's Helicopter Ella, Jalebi is being released in the production of Mahesh Bhatt. It will be interesting to see how the movie will be in the midst of the fight of the screens.


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