Udupi Travel Karnataka India

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Udupi Travel Karnataka

Udupi can prove to be a great stop to see Karnataka's unique grandeur. Here, the vibrations of musical faith take place, the pleasant pleasures of nature rejuvenate the mind.


This small town, popularly known as the city of Vaishnavas, has given to the country and the world, the masala dosa and many other tasty gifts.


There are many adventure in their own right. This city starts, let's start the exciting journey of Udupi.


Rangoliya is made by passing through the streets of the city. Tulsi Chaura decorated with lamps and incense sticks in park of the house.


Hymn of Karna music coming forth from worship houses and hymns accompanied by drum majira of Krishna Math, And the touch of the cold winds of the Arabian Sea in this beautiful alum, can say that there is more than one treasure a treasure here.

Krishna Math


Udupi is known more by the name of Krishna Math, because it is different from other Krishna temples of the country. The beautiful reflection of the temple is seen in the water of the pond here.


Surprisingly with the huge pavilion of the temple, when you see Lord Krishna in Udupi Krishna Math, it will surely be left to see that God is not presenting to the door, but is giving a glimpse of the devotees from the window behind the temple.

And lots of more thing there to see and I can say that you will be amazed.

Malpe Beach

Enjoying listening to the music of the blue ocean waves, lying on a light brown color on the Malpe beach located in Udupi that make feel you like you are lying on a beautiful beach of Andman and Nicobar island.


The paraphernalia will provide you a shade to enjoy this beautiful beach in the sun. To refresh your childhood memories, you can spend the entire day by making a soft form with a soft rate.

St. Maryland Island

St. Maryland Island is one of the most beautiful Islands in this states. You can reach here by a boat. Here the craftsmen of the vast tract drawn by nature on the golden sands will also welcome you.


After years of volcanic lava, the stones here look very sharp, which is beautiful in this island. Apart from the Am Beaches of India, this island will see clear transparent water like glass.


You can also enjoy swimming in it, by looking at the blue sky that kicks the far-flung blue sea, you will feel like this as Nature has placed different shades of blue in its color plates.

Murudeshwar Beach

Meanwhile, Shiva's grand antipathy has been established in such a way that it seems that Shiva himself is absorbed in this meditation posture on this Murudeshwar beach.


As like touching sky this Shiva temple makes this beach more attractive. This is the most preferred destination for tourists. And this beach is far from the city about 102 KM.


Kapu Beach for sunset view

When the sun's heat decreases on day-to-day, then the sun shines with the sun's gentle rays on the cotton oasis decorated with tall high coconut trees.


The lighthouse on the shore makes the picturesque scenery even more beautiful as if you are seeing a beautiful dream.


Aagumbe - the Cherapunji of south India

At a distance of about 60 km from Udupi, rain falls on a gorge named Agumbe, in such a way that it is a favorite place for Indra.

People come from the surrounding cities to trekking here to take advantage of this beautiful view of rain


So these are the some beautiful places in Karnataka India which I shared with you and there are lots of more beautiful places also but I mention some of that here. So I think you will like it and share this article and subscribe or follow us for this type of amazing article. Thank you.

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