Ummed Palace the Ultimate Wedding Destination and Travel

Ummed Palace the Ultimate Wedding Destination and Travel Rjasthan India

Ummed Palace the Ultimate Wedding Destination and Travel

Jodhpur is the city of Rajasthan which is located in the middle of Rajasthan state and also called the heart of Rajasthan. This is the place where The legacy of King Rajawads is still preserved here with great beauty. That is why you will see every color of the colorful Rajasthan in this city. Let's know why Ummed Palace become the Ultimate Wedding Destination and Travel for the Celebrities.


This is the place where Bollywood actress Priyanka chopra and Nick Jonas get married in deceber first week of 2018. This place is most famous in the world for wedding destination.


There are many such forts, palaces and temples in Jodhpur, which tell the entire story of the glorious history of Rajasthan. One of these palaces is Umaid Bhawan, which was built by Maharaja Ummed Singh in 1943. On his name, this palace was named as Umaid Bhawan.


Spread over 26 acres, this building is carved with yellow and gold colored stones. This building boasts of a principled view of Rajasthan's heritage. Unmatched workmanship and carvings enhance the beauty of this palace. The royal look of the palace greatly impresses with royal splendor and attracts tourists, and for this reason the people who are come to Jodhpur unable to stop themselves  to looking this place.


Ummed Palace Museum

Ummed Palace the Ultimate Wedding Destination and Travel

A portion of the building has been converted into musium, while the other part has been made a heritage hotel. In the palace, you will find a wonderful piece of architecture. Its walls have beautiful and artistic workmanship. The painting of the Ramayana engaged in the palace and ancient artwork increases its magnificence. At night, when the palace is lit in the night lamp, its beauty takes four moons.

Full of Luxury

Ummed Palace the Ultimate Wedding Destination and Travel

There are more than 40 luxury rooms in this palace, which are divided into facilities such as Palace Rooms, Royal Suite, Maharaja Suite and Maharani Suite. In these rooms you will find the best combinations of traditions and luxury. If you look at the window and the balcony, you will find interesting sights.


The antique design sofa, bead and anterior give artists to the rooms here. Stay ke dauran aap yaha stylis fountain, pool, spa aur jim fasiliti ka anand le sakte hai. During the stay, you can enjoy stalis fountain, pool, spa and gym facilities here. There is a great rooftop restaurant for dinner, Where you can enjoy Rajasthani casual dishes under the open sky on the terrace of the Palace.


In the evenings, folk songs, dance and cultural programs are also organized in order to attract tourists from the culture of Rajasthan.


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Most liked by celebrity


This place is very much like celebrities. However, the fashion wedding of Destiny Wedding is going on in the royal palaces of Rajasthan.


Businessman, has a high profile profile to book his book for the first time. Ummed is the author of the logo for his private work and his personal work.


Apart from all these honeymoon couples, and also for those who are passionate about exotic travel, this majestic theme-style palace is very enticing.

 Ummed Palace the Ultimate Wedding Destination and Travel

Other attraction

Staying in Jodhpur's Umaid Bhawan is very comfortable in itself, but if you want to see the beauty of this city more closely then Mehrangarh Fort can go to roam.

Mehrangarh Fort

Built on a height of 150 meters, this fort is also very popular among tourists. Flowers Palace, Jhanki Mahal and Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park are also the sights of this city. Apart from Shree Ganesh Mandir and Shantoshi Mata, there are many famous Temple here.


You can visit the nearby village to see the real colors of Rajasthan, and also for the convenience of Camel Safari or Jodhpur Village Safari. At local shops, Jodhpuri slippers can buy fabric of lace work, block-printed saris.


How to Reach and when to Go?

Winter weather is best for Jodhpur.

Jodhpur is less than 650 Km from Delhi. From Jodhpur airport you can also go by flight. The connectivity of bus and train is also good here.


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