Using Gutenberg and Other Editors In WordPress

Gutenberg Editors In WordPress

Using Gutenberg and Other Editors In WordPress

Hi there. As you probably already know we've got a new WordPress editor called Gutenberg. However at least for now you can and should use other editors in addition to Gutenberg. Let me show you what I mean.


As you can see here I used several different editors to create these pages. I used the Elementor page builder to edit this one Gutenberg to edit this one and the classic editor to edit the ones without a label.


But if there's a particularly tricky page to do that Gutenberg can't handle like this one here you would use the classic editor in text mode to create it. As it stands today Gutenberg just isn't suitable for building all types of page.


The way I'm building my block makes the best use of the available tools I've used a Genesis theme to provide the basic look and feel.


In my opinion this is the fastest way to get a blog started. When I need a fancy landing page I use a page builder they help build attractive pages quickly.


 Using Gutenberg and Other Editors In WordPress

Using Gutenberg and Other Editors In WordPress

SEO is not important for landing pages so in this case I don't mind the rather verbose HTML that most page builders generate.


When it comes to my actual blog posts as you can see here I am able to use Guttenberg for most of them. My blog posts tend to be very simple mostly just text expressed in paragraphs and headings and a few images.


Nothing fancy at all, so Gutenberg is fine. That was posts but pages are another thing all together. They tend to be used for heavily formatted content like legal pages contact pages and landing pages.


Using Gutenberg and Other Editors In WordPress


Guttenberg currently makes you work in a window that is only 600 pixels wide. This is really rubbish especially when writing stuff like HTML.

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So you can see why I like to build more complex content using the classic editor or a page builder. I hope  Using Gutenberg and Other Editors In WordPress now you will understand better.


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Using Gutenberg and Other Editors In WordPress

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