Visit to Maldives the Best Travel Destination

Visit to Maldives

Visit to Maldives

Maldives is a destination that has always been involved in the travel list of Bollywood stars. Bollywood stars often photograph the Maldives trip. In such a case, if you are planning to visit somewhere in the summer, then Maldives can be a better option for you. Let's know about the interesting stories here.


The Maldives is famous as a honeymoon destination, but it can also be fun with friends and family. So let's know how to come here to visit your trip of Maldives.



Visit to Maldives

One of the most beautiful places in the world for the holiday is the Maldives. Only one percent of which is land, the remaining 99% water There are 1192 small islands in 26 islands, out of which only two hundred people live. This is a very wonderful place both in terms of weather and atmosphere.


In addition to the sea and its related things, the spectacular art sampling in the places visited here is the Islamic Center, the 17th century Huskkuro Miskili (Jama Masjid), built in 1906, the palace of Mulli-Aggi, now the presidential office and the National Museum are prominent.


Visit to Maldives and enjoy these activities too


Underwater photography:

maldives under water photography1

Diving, try it in hand. Experts say that it is one of the best places in the world for underwater photography. Such varieties of coral reef and fish are rarely elsewhere. If the camera is being talked about, underwater cameras are also found in diving schools here.


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Scuba Diving:

Visit to Maldives

As the Maldives sees water on all four sides, so all the activities here are connected to it. Either you enjoy them or keep them in your cottages comfortably. Almost every resort in Maldives maintains scuba diving. There are also diving schools and courses for the learners. Enjoy diving throughout the year. Every resort has its own sea reef under the island, so that there is no obstacle in diving during the sharp waves or winds.



It is floating just under the water surface by putting a diving mask and floating claws. The main purpose of this is to be patient with the life inside the water, especially for those who do not wish to go deep. Its equipment is also available mostly in the resort. This experience is also very fantastic because in the clean water here you can see fifty meters far enough.



maldives under water submarine

The right to enjoy the depth of the sea is not only for diving and snorkelling. The recent rise in the adventures of the Maldives is of the German submarine, which can show everyone underwater world-in the air-conditioned atmosphere with friends and friends. It is the world's deepest and largest passenger submarine, which can descend 100 feet below sea and introduce itself to the world that was open only for scuba divers. This thronged security is only available in the world, and it will not be okay to miss the chance on the Maldives.


Whale and Dolphin:


Now this little thing people will know that the count of the Maldives is in five best places of the world to take a look at whales and dolphins. Twenty varieties of these two fishes are in the sea of ​​Maldives (this number is the fourth of their total varieties). Among them, the giant blue whale (from the world's largest creature) to very small but equally acrobat spinner Dolphin is included.


Surfing with fun:


This experience seems to be a little new but faster for the Maldives. Now the surfing competition is going on here.


How to go?

Visit to Maldives12

There is a direct flight from Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala to the capital Male. While traveling from Delhi to Colombo, some flights have started for Mala. Some international flights are also known as Mumbai. Not too much rent The return of the economy class of a man from Thiruvananthapuram is a refund of approximately eight thousand rupees. This flight takes only 40 minutes.

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