Visit to Neriyamanglam Kerala, Where the Beautiful Nature live

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Visit to Neriyamanglam Kerala, Where the Beautiful Nature live

Visit to Neriyamanglam Kerala

Visit to Neriyamanglam: The hidden treasures of beauty, hidden in South India There are many such places where people do not know. Located in Ernakulam district of KeralaNariyangalam is also a beautiful place with such an unknown but small beautiful of nature. So let's know in detail about Neriyamanglam and top place to Visit in Neriyamanglam.


Nariyangalam is a place with three edges surrounded by the Western Ghats and kicks the steps down the famous Periyar river. The sun's rays also stop seeing the moment and see this unique scene of the nature. The colour of the green banana, pineapple, coconut, coffee, cashew nuts and black pepper on the hills is abundant and attract everyone.
Whether Neriyamanglam is unknown in world of tourism. Munnar tea plantations, Periyar Tiger Reserve tekdi,  the famous Suryanelli or famous Maratur for Chandan you have to go through Nirmiaangalam.

Visit to Neriyamanglam Kerala, Where the Beautiful Nature live

Fox-shaped squirrels

Visit to Neriyamanglam Kerala
Those coming to Niyamangalam can cross the Nariyangangalam bridge and land on both sides of the river. To see the beauty of nature. In these parts of the forest, large animals can not seen, but  different types of birds and large squirrels found in particular South India.
You may be surprised to know that the size of the squirrels are equal to the fox. But like normal squarrels, they jump on the trees and continue to gnaw their leaves. Here people say this in his language Valle Annan.

Perunal of Kodmanglam

Perunal is the local festival of Chritchian people here. This festival happen in November month of every year. A few days of festivities in the Budd Church of Kodamangalam is also a center of attraction. The Christian chieftain, spread far and wide, sings his hymn and comes in this Perunal.


The sweet smell of cashew fruits:

When the Nariyangalam is moving towards the western side of the town you will see the empire of ploughing field     Those who understand a wild tree, they actually come out with cashew trees.


Flowers come in cashew nuts in the months of November December and the fruits begin to grow in March. The part of cashew nuts that used in dry form is actually its seed which hangs out of the fruit. From March to April, this way remains from the smell of cashew fruits.These fruits are full of sweet chestnuts and juices. Local people sell it by making wines.


Hanging Bridge:

Visit to Neriyamanglam Kerala

This bridge, built for the population of Periyar river flowing through the northwestern end of Nariyangalam, is a center of local attraction. To capitalize on the scenes around this bridge on either side of the hill, often there is a shooting for some Malayalam movie.


Thattekai Bird sanctuary

Visit to Neriyamanglam Kerala

Tattekai bird sanctuary is spread over 25 square kilometres and stablish in 1983 in the name of Scientist Salim Ali. There you can see more than 250 types of birds species. Like Emrolled Dove, Sadarn hill Maina, Kingfisher, Koyal, Bulbul, Drongo, Mahalat and many types of Caribian birds. Tattekai is one of India's richest biodiversity spots. Arrangement for the protection of birds here and closely watching them, the Government of Kerala has provided the facility


World of Butterflies:

Visit to Neriyamanglam Kerala

There is a center of culture of butterflies in one part of the famous bird sanctuary.
This place is a paradise for butterfly lovers. Here, seeing butterflies growing and flowing through joy, everyone's mind is filled with bliss.


Elephant forest:

Visit to Neriyamanglam Kerala

There is no shortage of attractions near Nariamangalam and its surroundings. One of the high water springs in Kerala, Chiyapara is located 10 kilometers away from Neriyamangalam. Being located on the National Highway to go to Munnar, it is very popular in tourists.


It has a Valera waterfall. The evening near this waterfall is very beautiful. At the time of sunset, beautiful scenery is present from the orange light falling on the water clogs falling from the height.


On the other hand, there is a place called Mamlakandam which is called elephant forest. Elephants can often be seen in this part of the forest.


Specially from January to April month, because due to lack of water, the elephant come down to the river for search of water. Apart from elephant, you can see many types of birds and wild animals there.

Visit to Neriyamanglam Kerala

How to Go, and when to go?


It can be visited anytime in the year. Every season has its own charm. The most attractive thing is that there is no crowd, not all tourist destinations like marketplaces are here.

1- Neriyamanglam is well connected by roads. This is located on Kochchi-Dhanushkoti Road.

2- Aluva, 45 kilometers the nearest railway station, is connected to all the stations in the country.

3- The nearest airport is Kochin airport which is 51 km away from Neriyamanglam.

4- For staying here you have lots of options. You can stay in government lodging, 3 star hotel and luxury stay I Soma Bird Lagoon.


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