What is The Relationship Between Minopause or Osteoarthritis

What is The Relationship Between Menopause or Osteoarthritis, How to Handle

What is The Relationship Between Minopause or Osteoarthritis

Relationship Between Menopause or Osteoarthritis: When a girl moves towards adolescence she feels herself a biological, hormonal, and psychological change. Menstruation and physical changes are important in any woman’s life, because through this process she is able to become a mother. For a woman like menstruation, it is important to have a menopause in her life. This helps the woman get rid of symptoms such as pain, mood swings and headache during menstruation. But this is also known for the challenges associated with bones and its management and prevention.

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What is the age of minopage


Women in the world usually have menopause 45 to 55 years of age. But recently, the survey of ‘The Institute for Social and Economic Change’ has shown that about 4 per cent of women are in the age of 29 to 34 years of age, due to changes in lifestyle, between 35 and 39 years Women’s figure is 8 percent.


Bone effect


Explaining the relationship between minopause and bone, Dr. Jatin Talwar, associate professor and joint replacement surgeon of Central Institute of Orthopedics, Vardhaman Mahavir Medical College and Safdarjung Hospital, says, “Estrogen hormones are found in both men and women and It plays an important role in the activities of osteoblast cells that make bones.


During the nostrum, the oestrogen level of women falls, in which osteoblast cells are affected, this results in weakening of women’s bones compared to men. Low oestrogen reduces calcium absorption in the body and results in density of bones Women should have diseases related to osteoporosis and osteoarthritis (OA) bone diseases. Risk rises. ”


After the planning, pregnant is not happening, so keep these five things meditation

What is The Relationship Between Minopause or Osteoarthritis

Keep meditation-


If you become aware of health related information on time, decisions related to the prevention and treatment of these diseases can be taken in time.


Osteoarthritis is not a disease


Osteoarthritis is not a disease, but it is a situation related to wear and tear in the joints with age. If there is excessive wear in the joints, it can affect the life of any person and at the last stage, the activity of the joints is also very much affected.


The reason for the young women to soon become menopause:


Generally, early menopause may be due to smoking, pre-existing thyroid, chemotherapy and severe pelvic surgery. Regarding this, chief ny and hip replacement of Pushpati Singhania Research Institute (PSRI) and Dr. Gaurav P.


Bharadwaj, of the hospital, says, “Most of the time, sitting in the house or office, exercising or doing physical work, weight gain and calcium. The lack of, increases the risk of osteoarthritis, pain around the joints, numbness and swelling, and sometimes joints of the joints, joint pain during the menopause These symptoms are more serious in the morning and then gradually decreases. ”


Treatment of Osteoarthritis:

What is The Relationship Between Minopause or Osteoarthritis

Various research has shown that Osteoarthritis is more common in women than men and despite the increase in hormone replacement therapy after menopause, its risk increases. The lack of oestrogen that ends naturally in hormone replacement therapy is accomplished with the help of medicines.


Osteoarthritis is treated with penicillin in the early stages. Painkiller helps reduce pain and exercise is strengthened around the muscles of the joint, allowing the joints to stability and protect from future damage.


Dr. Talwar says, “In severe arthritis, it is difficult for the patient to walk and it is a painful pain, which affects the patient’s life very much, thus changing the damaged joints is a better option.” Joint Replacement Surgery In this, the bad part of the joint is removed and artificial implant is applied. With the help of new implants, it provides relief in pain and smooth the joints Is the format. ”


Studies conducted by the Bremen University of Germany found that those who had osteoarthritis in knees have done Total Ni Replacement (TKR). They have felt more active throughout the year after taking the surgery. It is also very important to mention here that after the TKR, most of the patients have become physically active.



Prevention is better than treatment:


In both men and women there is a change in the hormones with age. In women, where menopause occurs, testosterone falls in men, it is called endopause. The average level of bone loss in women is 2-3 per cent per year. Whereas, after men’s hormonal phase, bone loss level is only 0.4 per cent. It is very important for you to know what is needed to keep your bones and joints healthy so that you can avoid serious diseases of joints.


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