What Time Should You Sleep Know the Facts

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What Time Should You Sleep?

What Time Should You Sleep Know the Facts


Hello Guys what’s up, In today’s busy life most of the people don’t take care of himself or herself. Because they don’t have time to sleep and rest and end of the results they are suffering from lots of health problems. So today we are going to discuss with you about What time Should You Sleep in the night and How this is important for our health and your health.


What Time do you have to Sleep?


By Dr. Kiran Motwani.


Is there a best time to sleep? there’s a maxim that sleeping early and waking up early is sweet for your health. However true is that? Is it alright to sleep and awaken late?


You actually have an incredible biological clock ticking within your body. it’s very precise. It helps to manage your numerous body functions as well as your sleeping time.


From 11pm to 3am, most of your blood circulation concentrates in your liver. Your liver gets larger once filled with a lot of blood. this can be a vital time once your body undergoes detoxification process. Your liver neutralizes and breaks down body toxins accumulated throughout the day.


However if you do not sleep at this time, your liver cannot perform this detoxification method smoothly.


  • If you sleep at 11pm, you’ve got full four hours to detoxify your body.
  • If you sleep at 12am, you’ve got three hours.
  • If you sleep at 1am, you’ve got two hours.
  • And if you sleep at 2am, you merely have one 60 minutes to detoxify.


What if you sleep when 3am? sadly, you will not have any time to really detoxify your body. If you continue with this sleeping pattern, these toxins can accumulate in your body over time. you recognize what happens next.


What if you sleep late and wake up late?

What Time Should You Sleep Know the Facts

Have you tried reaching to bed very late at night? Did you notice you are feeling very tired the next day in spite of what process you sleep ?


Sleeping late and waking up late is so very dangerous for your health. Besides not having enough time to detoxify your body, you may miss out different necessary body functions too.


From 3am to 5am, most blood circulation concentrates in your respiratory organ. What do you have to do at this moment? Well, you ought to exercise and breathe fresh air. take in good energy into your body, ideally during a garden. At this point, the air is very fresh with various useful negative ions.


From 5am to 7am, most blood circulation concentrates in your intestine. What do you have to do at this moment?  Pass out all unwanted from your intestine. Prepare your body to soak up a lot of nutrients throughout the day.


From 7am to 9am, most blood circulation concentrates in your abdomen. What do you have to do at this moment? Have your breakfast! this can be your most vital meal in a very day. ensure you’ve got all the specified nutrients from your breakfast. Not having breakfast causes various health issues for you within the future.


That’s the thanks to begin your day

What Time Should You Sleep Know the Facts

No surprise Peoples living in villages or in farms are healthier. They sleep early and awaken early as they  follow their natural mechanism.


If one follows this you are certain to feel freshman and a lot of energetic all day long.



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